I created these flash cards to empower you in the kitchen!

As new parents, we go crazy researching the best crib, stroller, bottles, car seat and highchair; anything to keep our child safe and healthy. Why then, do we fall prey to manufacturers who create food in a factory for our children? One of the most critical aspects of our children’s overall well-being is the food they eat. The food they consume directly affects how they grow, learn and thrive. Why, I ask again, are we okay with feeding our children prepackaged, processed junk? Mass marketers rely on our naivety to accept cheaply made “food” with cartoon characters or cute baby faces printed on their packaging. And sadly, we’ve accepted this unhealthy “kid-food” category that is creating a generation of obese children. We need to get real about what “food” goes into our children’s growing bodies. Children can actually love real foods including vegetables. They just need to be exposed to them at an early age before the mass marketers get a hold of them, or you.

These flash cards offer amazingly quick and simple foods that your Boddler® (and your family) will love. Involve your child in the shopping experience so they learn to identify real food. Then, back in your kitchen, offer these simple meal ideas and your Boddler can explore the amazing colors, tastes and textures of wholesome foods.

Don’t be afraid to offer beets right out of the can, top scrambled eggs with diced avocado, or slice up sweet potato fries. The mass manufacturers will be disappointed you’ve figured out how to quickly feed your children, but you will be thrilled as you watch your child eat broccoli and quinoa with delight!  Mealtimes will be sweeter and parents and children will be healthier and happier for years to come!

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