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"I love these cards! An innovative idea for children and their parents to participate in the healthy food lifestyle together.  Many processed foods contain added sugar in various forms, all of which can contribute to tooth decayTeaching young children to eat healthfully from a young age can increase their chances for a lifetime of good dental health, as well as good general health." 
~ Jennifer LaRocque, D.D.S. Diplomat, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, Walnut Creek, CA
Mother of two, ages 4 and 6

"We needed Boddler Bites!  I have 3 young children and I seriously have no free time to cook big meals. I keep the cards in my burlap shopping bag, and use them as my grocery list in the store.  My kids have learned to recognize jicama, asparagus and papaya and are excited to eat them as well!  Boddler Bites opened the door to so many quick and healthy meals that I never would have thought to prepare."
~ Kaitlyn L. New Canaan, CT
Mother of three, ages 2, 4 and 6 

Thank You, for Boddler Bites!  My children were the pickiest eaters ever.  After sampling many foods from your flash cards, my 3-year-old daughter now loves couscous, quinoa and edamame.  And my 2-year-old son, gobbles up the ricotta with berries and waffles with almond butter and honey!  Great ideas and super easy for me!"                        
~ Megan A., Syracuse, NY
Mother of two, Ages 2 and 3

"Boddler Bites aren't just for kids!  Our son is only 2 months old, but my husband and I are already using the flash food cards.  We love so many of the recipes. They're quick, healthy and great for groups and entertaining.  Our friends love the baked maple walnuts and kale chips as well as the crustless quiche and tuna potato chip spread.  There are too many delicious, easy-to-make meal and snack ideas to name.  We can't wait to introduce Boddler Bites to our son, when he starts eating solid foods!"
~Claire V., Brooklyn, NY

"My granddaughter loves "Boddler Bites"; every time we go to the grocery store she wants to bring the flash cards and pick out what we're having for dinner. We're also using them to teach our 10 month old, grandson his ABCs, and he's being introduced to all these nutritious foods, too! And wow, these recipes are so simple to prepare!"
~ Bonnie P, Stuart, FL (Grandmother of 2)

"Like most mothers of young and picky eaters, I am constantly struggling to get my children to enjoy the taste of healthy foods.  Boddler Bites has been a life saver.  With the flash cards, my children are involved in the entire meal preparation process:  first, they flip through the cards to learn about healthy, fresh foods and we search for those items at the grocery store; next, they follow the easy recipes to turn those fresh ingredients into a delicious meal; and last, they taste (and critique) the final product.  They actually have enjoyed the meals we have prepared because they are involved in the entire process.  Now, instead of filling the grocery cart with junk and snack foods, they have races to see who can find the food on a Boddler Bite flash card and put it in the cart first.  Boddler Bites has actually made grocery shopping with four kids, a fun adventure!" 
~ Jennifer D., Richmond, VA
Mother of four, ages 2 1/2, 4, and twins 7

"To put an end to our national obesity and cardiovascular health crises, we must make eating a combination of wholesome foods second-nature to our children.  It would be a gift to the next generation to train their palates, from the onset of food introduction, to enjoy and desire the flavors and textures of healthy foods.  Boddler Bites, Food in a Flash, gives parents the tools to make this simple, pleasureable and ultimately, a way of life."  ~Meg Rydell, M.D.    Mother of three, ages, 5, 7 and 9


"Oooo, those are the Olives that I ate!"
"Yeah, babe, I got the kale for tonight!"
"I found the grapes, and I want the purple ones please!"

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